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Hyperstruction Studio - Surge 170

Manufacturer Model Description Qty
Advanced Technologies
Dell GX280 Faculty PC 3
Wolfvision VZ8PLUS Document Camera 1
DVD Toshiba DVD 1
Sharp XG-C430X LCD Projector 4000 lumen 2
Dalite Cosmopolitan Electrol Motorized Screens, 84" Wide 2
H-ITT H-ITT Audience Response 4
JBL 24CT Ceiling Speaker pairs 3
Telex FMR-500 Wireless Mic for podcasting & videoconferencing 1
Custom Xcel Furniture Instructor Station 1
Mobile Interactive Whiteboard
3M 9200IW Plus Interactive Whiteboard 1
Dell GX280 PC's for Smartboard 1
Extron RGB 182v Interface for Smartboard Computers to Matrix 1
Sony EVI D70 Room Cameras - for VTC 2
Polycom VSX 8000 Videoconference Codec 1
Panasonic 42PH9UK 42" Plasma for video wall 4
Advanced Controller
Crestron DTT17 Touch Panel 1
Crestron UPX2 Annotation Controller 1
Steelcase Turnstone 60"x24" Tables 14
Steelcase "Uno" Chairs 24
Bretford Rail System Whiteboard Rail System 1
Sunglass V14 - 78% 12 Pieces 1
Physical Plant 2 color Carpet floor 120
Gateway M285E Tablet PC Pro 24
Spectrum Industries H3 Laptop Cart 30 Unit Laptop Charging station 1

The Hyperstruction Toolset

The Hyperstruction Studio represents a combination of approaches, physical appointments, and technologies found in various classrooms / labs at UCR (but importantly, not in any single campus classroom).

Advanced Technologies

  • This advanced technology classroom supports 24 students with smart technologies, including a dual projection system supporting an array of sources. These sources consist of a networked computer with wireless peripherals, high-resolution document camera, audience response system, advanced switching and external interfaces for additional computers. The room is networked with data ports around the room in addition to wireless network coverage.

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Mobile Interactive Whiteboard

  • This interactive whiteboard allows for control and annotation of a digital display, as well as basic annotation over a standard whiteboard.

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  • Videoconferencing creates an atmosphere that erases the boundaries of a traditional classroom. Experts-on-demand is supported easily by bringing in material experts. Peer groups can be connected on demand as well as remote collaboration.

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Advanced Controller

  • Control systems allow classroom technologies to become transparent to faculty, allowing them concentrate on their material as well as effective instruction. This advanced controller controls every aspect of the technology built into this room, as well as support annotation over any display.

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  • The furniture designed for this room is completed mobile and flexible. The design includes lightweight tables with wheels that can be arranged in any configuration supporting various size group collaboration; from pods to traditional classroom. The chairs are comfortable and also on wheels, supporting instant movement for group reconfiguration or teamwork.
  • A whiteboard rail system has been designed to support the sharing of ideas. Students and faculty can make annotations over multiple whiteboard panels that move from one wall to another, from one end to another.
  • The furniture designed for the Studio allows faculty to create and recreate on the spot. It gives faculty the ability to quickly and easily reconfigure the room to meet traditional as well as creative teaching and learning approaches.

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  • An advanced facility (providing faculty and students advanced virtual collaboration capabilities) supporting 24 students contains all the components of an enhanced computer / lab classroom. High performance wireless laptop computers can support specialized learning. Faculty can move from traditional instruction involving active participation to individual research and peer to peer collaboration. One laptop for every student enables faculty to maximize the use of digital content in the classroom.
  • Outside of this initiative, C&C has acquired software licensing that supports advanced collaboration using laptop computers. This collaboration tool (Teamspot) extends the functionalities of the room system by allowing students to wirelessly collaborate and share laptop information on screen.

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