Hyperstruction Studio


To Reserve the Hyperstruction Studio

For a Quarter, a Week, or a Class:

Gladis Herrera-Berkowitz

On campus, dial: x24751
Off campus, dial: 951-827-4751
E-mail: gladis@ucr.edu

For More Information

To Discuss Different Pedagogies or Instructional Approaches

Leo Schouest

On campus, dial: x23555
Off campus, dial: 951-827-3555
E-mail: leo.schouest@ucr.edu

To Discuss Components of the Room, New Technology, etc.

Larry McGrath

On campus, dial: x25585
Off campus, dial: 951-827-5585
E-mail: larry.mcgrath@ucr.edu

To Discuss the 3-5 Year Vision for Instructional Technology at UCR

Charles Rowley

On Campus, dial: x25135
Off campus, dial: 951-827-5135
E-mail: charles.rowley@ucr.edu

For Technical Support

For Assistance with Instructional Technology

Multimedia Technologies Group

On campus, dial: x23041
Off campus, dial: 951-827-3041
E-mail: multimedia@ucr.edu

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Hyperstruction Studio
170 Surge Bldg

Tel: (951) 827-4751
Fax: (951) 827-4796
E-mail: gladis.herrera-berkowitz@ucr.edu