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Post on February 20 2008

Created on Wednesday, 02/20/2008 10:46 AM by Robert Hanneman

I thought that the class meeting yesterday went really well. Each of the four groups seemed to really get into the path analysis exercise, and there was a lot of discussion going on within groups. There were quite a few times when I had the feeling that the most productive thing I could be doing as the teacher is just standing back and watch!


Post on February 9 2008

Created on Saturday, 02/09/2008 2:10 PM by Robert Hanneman

I'm late in writing this week. This is the week during which construction people have come and torn out our kitchen, two baths, and other rooms. My wife and I are now camping in 3 rooms, along with our three cats. That, plus midterms -- it's been a long week.


Post on February 1 2008

Created on Friday, 02/01/2008 8:39 AM by Robert Hanneman

I was going to write a note after our class on Tuesday, but I noticed a sore throat by the end of class, and by the time I'd walked home, I had a full case of whatever it is that is going around. Feeling better now, thanks.


Post on January 28 2008

Created on Monday, 01/28/2008 6:21 PM by Robert Hanneman

It's Monday evening, and I'm going over my notes and preparing for our class meeting on Tuesday afternoon. Seemed like a reasonable time to sketch down a couple thoughts.


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