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What is Hyperstruction?

Hyperstruction is a portmanteau of "hyper" and "instruction" meaning a whole participation in the learning process by an instructor and students in an environment that breaks down instruction to a common participative synergy via augmentative technology.

Implementing Hyperstruction @ UCR


Students Learning


As student profiles, backgrounds, aptitudes, and expectations continue to evolve, UCR must be prepared to engage its students in a variety of flexible, dynamic learning environments.


These learning environments should not dictate a particular pedagogy nor assume all student learning occurs in the same manner. Rather, these flexible learning spaces should combine physical appointments and various technologies in such a way that a variety of instructional approaches may be adopted.

The goal of providing such environments is enhanced student engagement and improved learning success. The Hyperstruction Studio allows faculty to explore innovative pedagogies and thus create a campus "road map" as UCR considers how to best enhance teaching and learning in the years ahead.

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